Purchase Agreement

■ If you desire to participate in the Auction as a purchaser, please read the following matters in advance, and then you must register as a Member upon consenting to the following content

About participation method

  • If you desire to participate in or watch the Auction, please contact our inquiry section in advance.
  • For participating in the Auction, irrespective of whether such be the period for preliminary examination or the period when the Auction is being held, registration as a Member in the Company is required.
  • For registration as a Member, your business card and ID are required.
  • Member registration can be accepted during the preliminary examination period, however, it is predicted to be crowded so we recommend advance registration. If you desire to register as a Member, please register from the “Auction Participation Application” form at the top page of the website of the Company (URL: http://starbuyers-auction.hk/ ).
  • We will check the original business card and ID used for Member registration on the day when the Auction is held. If we are unable to check originals, we may refuse your participation in the Auction.
  • We don’t allow proxy bidding, in principle.
  • We don’t allow any return or cancellation after purchase whatsoever.

■ About payment method of fees for goods knocked down.

  • Currencies that can be used are US dollars, Hong Kong dollars or Japanese Yen.
    *Irrespective of the currency, we do not accept payment by check.
    *We do not accept payment in Chinese Yuan
    *Payment by bank transfer shall be made to the account designated by the Company.
  • Transfer charges shall be borne by the customer. For details, please contact the inquiry section below.

■ About receiving goods

  • In principle, please come to receive the goods within ten (10) days of the day of a successful bid.
  • If payment is made by bank transfer, as soon as we confirm the deposit, handover of goods becomes possible. It takes time to verify payments by bank transfer, so please leave some leeway in making payment.
  • Place for settlement and handover of goods after the Auction period is as below.Sometimes our coordinators are not available so please visit us after giving advance notice.

Suite 2214, 22/F, Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong kong. 

■ Other cautions

  • There are some antiques of Japan among the goods put up for Auction. Since we accept no returns after purchase, please make judgment with you own eyes and perform assessment during the preliminary examination period, and then participate in the Auction.
  • Please check the time schedule for the preliminary examination period and Auction period at the venue.
  • If there is any point of uncertainty during the Auction, please inquire of the staffers at the venue.
  • Feel free to make inquiries to the inquiry section of the Company with questions regarding the Auction.

■ Inquiry Section

【Mail】 hkinfo@starbuyers-auction.tokyo

Qualification to participate in auctions in Japan:

 Participation in auctions held in Japan requires obtaining an antique trader’s license in Japan and satisfaction of the Company’s screening criteria.