How to participate in consignment

  • ①Membership registration

    Please refer and agree to our 「Terms of Service」and 「Matters of Consent by Participants」. You can register your details to be our member. It must be completed before auction is held. Because it is a members-only auction, please register in advance of your participation.

    ※An applicant must submit to a screening test. Please note that depending on the result, an application may be declined.

    ※The screening result will not be made public.

    <Information required for registration>

    The following information is required for registration.

    ・company name
    ・representative name
    ・name of person registering
    ・telephone number
    ・email address (WeChat)
    ・type of business
    ・major commercial products handled

    ※Because real names are used for registration, a copy of business card and identification (ID), such as passport or ID card, is required.

    <How to register>

    ・Website Click “Apply to participate in auction.” → Fill in the application form.
    ・Official WeChat Access Official WebChat, “Application for membership.”
    Fill in the application form.
    After submission, your application will be screened for admission.
    Later, the result of the screening will be notified.
    ・Postal mail Download the application form.
    Print out and fill in the form.
    Mailing address:
    Star Buyers Limited
    Address: 7/F, Nathan Hill, 38 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Tel: +852 3895 8100
    After submission, your application will be screened for admission. Later, the result of the screening will be notified.
  • ②Process of consignment

    <Due date for application>

    Due date for application at our side is 30th day before auction date.
    ※You can refer to details about event date on our website. ※Please note that you could not join auction if you cannot meet our due date.

    <Preparation for list of items>

    Firstly, you can send products list data by e-mail which is based on our given format. Secondly, please bring products directly to our Hong Kong office with you or you can send them to SBL Hong Kong office (See the address as below) by courier before due date. Please note insurance and freight cost are born by your side.
    Submission due date of consignment seller list is 20 days before the first day of preview, due date of goods delivery (i.e arrived Hong Kong Star Buyers Limited office date) is 10 days before the first day of preview date.

    <Hong Kong Office>

    Star Buyers Limited
    Address: 7/F, Nathan Hill, 38 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Tel: +852 3895 8100

    ※We will not bear any responsibility for loss and damage during transportation of your goods ※If your actual goods are different from your goods in the list, the responsibility of difference is under seller’s responsibility.
  • ③Acceptable consignment items

    <Loose diamonds>

    We will accept only items which come with sorting and certificate. As for type of certification, please contact us for further clarification if required.
    Items clarification for consignment
    0.500CT~0.999CT  SI UP
    1.000CT and above  I1 UP

    ※We don’t accept melee as consignment items. ※Only the consignment seller who owns items can join our auction. We don’t accept any items from 3rd party. ※Result of auction will be updated to you within 3 days after auction. ※You can set your reserve price on your items but 0.5% as commission will charge you even if you have not-successful bid. We may contact you and discuss about your reserve price to avoid not-successful bid.


    We also accept Jewelry as consignment. You can contact us for further details.
  • ④Commission fee

    <Successful bid>

    Once your bid is successful, the following commission percentage will deduct from your total sales.

    Hong Kong companies

    Non-Hong Kong companies
    Profit tax:0.5%
    ※Percentage of profit tax is subject to change by IRD (Inland revenue department.) If percentage changes, we will send additional charge or refund.

    <Not-successful bid>

    In case that your bid is not successful, the following commission will charge you on your Reserve price.

    All consignment sellers
  • ⑤Payment

    We will update you a result of your bids after auction.
    It will be transferred to your bank account after deducting commission and any tax occurred. Currency is in US dollars only. Please note that payment arrangement will be made within 40 days after auction is held.
    ※Payment may occur further delay if there are bank holidays for the 40 days mentioned above.

    <Commission for not-successful bid>

    You can arrange payment for full amount on invoice to our bank account. Please note that all expenses occurred for your payment arrangement is born by your side.

    ※Your payment arrangement must completed within 7 working days after auction. ※We will offset commission with your purchased items if you have any.
  • ⑥Items by not-successful bid to be returned

    Consignment sellers must arrange shipment for return after auction result is announced,
    ※We need to confirm your commission payment before we pass items to you. ※If your amount of items is large or any difficulties for re-import are occurred, it may take time to ship the items back to you.